Sooo Busy!

I am so sorry about the lack of posts in recent moths, I have been so busy between the play and all of the clubs I’m in. But I have been creative, I have a couple stories in the works, and I have an idea for a picture that I will start hopefully soon. I […]

Stuff and Things

First of all, I am so, so, so, sorry for not blogging! I have been really busy with the play and the talent show, and because of PARCC, I can’t bring my computer home! I guess I am just making this so that people don’t think that I have like stopped blogging or something! I […]

Pokemon Swag 😎

So today we went shopping for Pokemon cards because I have been BEGGING my dad to get some so that we can battle! But he was busy so me, my mom, and my brother all went out to get them. I found out I had $24 just lying around so it was a good opportunity […]

So many pictures!

So, I have new colored pencils that I have already told you about, and they are so good, that I just can’t stop using them! I have been drawing so much in the past two days, and I totally plan to make more! I have kind of also started to come up with a story […]


I HAVE A PIKACHU WRISTBAND! And I literally got it this morning! Let me explain: I was in Pokemon Club this morning, and I forgot that today I was going to battle the club instructor Carlos (everyone calls him that). I already knew I was going to loose, but Sidney was helping me out. The […]

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