. Sings . Its Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Everybody’s waiting for the weekend weekend! . Sings high note and breaks window .  Ok for real I’m not bad at singing, but I, like everybody, is excited for the weekend! Weekends are awesome! Except Sunday because then you have to do you homework […]


So today we played dodgeball in gym, but not just ANY dodgeball, Doctor Dodgeball! That is were their are two teams and each team has a doctor, the doctor’s job is to touch the players on his/her team and get them back in the game if they were out, and if the doctor gets out […]

Adorable stuff!

So this came up in blogging when we saw this other person’s avatar thing for blogging and it was a moving picture, Emily E wanted to do that and so she looked up unicorn gif and an ADORABLE unicorn gif popped up and me and Emily nearly MELTED so I thought I would blog about […]


This is a game on Minecraft where you each have the hoes/laser guns the shoot out fireworks and you have to K.O/kill the other players/player 25 times to win. I never knew I was so good at this?! Literally by the end of the game I had one and Max my brother had lil 9 […]

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