Water slide fail!

So last year at Wisconsin Dells, I was going to go on a water slide with my cousins. I don’t particularly like water slides, but I will go on them occasionally. This waterside was tall though, and I assumed it was going to be fast, so I was a little nervous, But my aunt told […]

Fagin’s Boys! 🎥

So you all know I got in the play, but did you know, that today I got put in Fagin’s Boys? Now this sounds like a whole different play, but it isn’t! So Oliver runs off and meets the Artful Dogger, he takes Oliver back to Fagin and Fagin’s boys, witch is a group of […]

Ghost!? 👻

It was night, and I was in my brother’s room because when I finish up read for the night, I like to head into his room and we talk. So we were doing that, and I was facing the wall that leads to the bathroom and my room, and I saw a red light move […]

Difficult drawing 🎨

Alright, you know how I have that cool notebook that lights up that i blogged about yesterday? Well that notebook, wasn’t the first thing that I wanted. Mrs. Brezek showed us the prizes for Slice of Life a few days prior to the challenge, so we all knew what we wanted, and I originally wanted […]

Middle school?!

I just resized that we are going to be in middle school next year! Wow, time certainly flew by! Next year we are going to walk to each different class with different people, wear uniforms, and have no recess! Wow will it be new, we also have lockers to are selves and combinations for them. […]

Shiny! ✨✨✨

Since it’s Slice of Life, we have to post every day. Last year, commenting wasn’t a requirement, but the year we have to comment. No one really has been commenting, so Mrs Berzek gave us a commenting challenge for blogging. The challenge was to comment on as many blogs as we could in 25 minutes, […]

I am the leader!

Okay, I don’t know why my two bizarre cats do this, but they just do. They follow me, everywhere. If I go into the bathroom, they sit outside the bathroom, looking at the door, waiting for me. If I go upstairs, they go upstairs with me. When I close the door to Skype with my […]

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